A Michigan moving company does everything quickly and reliably. These businesses calculate the costs by cubic foot and distance. The price also depends on whether the residents pack the boxes themselves and if furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled.

Calculating the help needed for your move

A person who is moving out of a four-room apartment may not have that much to move. In most cases, all they need to do is rent a truck and have family and friends help on moving day. But what happens when a family of 6 is moving from a 12-room home into a 15-room home out of state?

A move like this cannot be done without the help of local mover. Without larger trucks, too many trips are necessary. In addition, the effort of the project is too large to try and tackle in one day.

How many cubic feet are to be transported?

Most people underestimate the volume that needs to be transported considerably. A filled cabinet 10-feet long, 80 inches deep and 6 feet high, has a volume of almost 15 cubic feet. Sure, there is a lot of air in the cabinet, but dishes are shatterproof-packed for transport. This increases the volume.

An apartment of 600 square feet of living space in which three people live, has a transport volume of almost 450 cubic feet for a normal furnishing. If a small cellar or attic is available, add additional cubic feet.

Little things that make the move more expensive

A staircase, in which many objects obstruct the mover’s walkway, can lead to extra work and effort by the crew. The same applies to furniture that is placed on balconies, in attics or basements. Most movers are paid by the hour, by the box, or by the pound. Ask each mover which option they charge for and then make your decision accordingly.

Also, the moving truck should park directly outside the door (if possible). If you move, it makes sense to ensure that access to the property is possible without any problems. Agreements with other residents are important (in case the property is an apartment complex). If speaking with other neighbors intelligently, most people can get the parking space they need just by asking for it.

Depending on the location, a special permit for parking or access to the house may be required. This must be requested in time and be present on the day of the move. Contact Local Movers for more details.

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